Best ice packs for camping in 2020


There are millions of people camping each and every year and you are one of them right, so am I. After you bought a freezer you need a good ice pack that would last long. A quick overview of of the icepacks Cooler Shock 3X Lg. ZeroΒ°F Cooler Freeze Packs Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers … Read more

How To Clean A Stinky Tent | What Really Works

smelly skunk

After some years of use, our tents tend to stink, wear-out and sometimes they might even get useless. But there are things that we can do to increase the lifetime of our tent. If you are reading this article it is not because of anything but your tent is smelling bad lately right. These would … Read more

How to keep food cold and fresh when camping

fresh beef with cold food

Keeping your food cold and fresh is one of the important things on a camping trip and it is probably one of the hardest things too if you are up for a long stay, but if you are staying in anything less than a week it can be done easily. It is a must that … Read more

When is the best time to go camping

leaves on forest floor fall season

In my opinion, camping is not seasonal like most outdoor activities it can be done at any time and most places you can think of it just need the right equipment and experience. But don’t get me wrong there are times camping becomes easier and more amazing and there are times where it is very … Read more

DO TENTS ATTRACT LIGHTNING-lightning-proof tents


The annual death by lightning is 51 people in the United States and around 2000 worldwide. National Geographic Hey, campers you are probably here because you have found thunderstorms scary it is not only you, its many people issue especially while camping people get obsessed with this. But what you have to know is the … Read more

Best Tent Footprints (And What Should You Avoid)


Tent footprints are very useful things for your tent, they can be a lifesaver. It is obvious that you already know the use of tent footprints if you are looking to buy one so will not talk about what they are and what you can use them for. if you want to know more on … Read more

The Best sleeping bag for side sleepers

guy sleeping in a sleeping bag

I have been camping for many years now and I have had many uncomfortable sleeping bags over the years. finally, I have learned which sleeping bags are comfortable for side sleepers like me. If you are a side sleeper you might have a hard time getting a good fit sleeping bag, I had struggled a … Read more