The Best sleeping bag for side sleepers

I have been camping for many years now and I have had many uncomfortable sleeping bags over the years. finally, I have learned which sleeping bags are comfortable for side sleepers like me.

If you are a side sleeper you might have a hard time getting a good fit sleeping bag, I had struggled a lot to find a good fit sleeping bag that gives me the space to move around and keep me warm at the same time.

what makes a sleeping bag comfortable? shape and size play big role.

The shape of the sleeping bag is a big factor in deciding whether a sleeping bag is comfortable or not. There are 4 kinds of shapes; Rectangular, Barrel, Spoon, and finally the famous Mummy-shaped sleeping bag.

You might have known mummy-shaped and rectangular. But for us, side sleepers we need something that is wider at the bottom and also at the shoulder area so that you can have a space to move around.

So we narrow it down to rectangular and spoon-shaped sleeping bags that means as much as possible you shouldn’t buy mummy sleeping bags unless it is wide enough.

Unlike back and stomach sleepers, we side sleepers bend our legs when we sleep.

Anyways, I have reviewed 7 sleeping bags that most side sleepers will find comfortable and that are suited for backpacking and camping.

The first two sleeping bags are the ones I have tried for my self and they are my all-time favorite the rest of my review is based on buying experience and customer review

A quick overview of the best sleeping bag for side sleepers.

1. HIHiker mummy sleeping bag

HIHIKER mummy the best side sleepers sleeping bag

Boom! I am going to say it, a mummy sleeping bag can not be better than the Hihiker sleeping bag. I have said I won’t include mummy sleeping bags but this one is a king. I have had many sleeping bags over the years but this one is the best fit for me in spite of being a side sleeper.

First things first, this sleeping bag is broad at the shoulder which makes it suitable for side sleepers, and the main reason I have included this is that the spoon-shaped sleeping bag is super expensive If you can’t afford it you can go for this.

this thing is not as expensive as its competitors; it is 1/3 of the price of other sleeping bags of the same quality. I have used this sleeping bag for over a year now(when I am writing this)

I use this sleeping bag a lot because I love camping in cold weather. I am 6 feet 1inch tall and the sleeping bag can fit adults up to 6.2 feet but if you are taller than that I don’t recommend this sleeping bag for you. it also wide around the hip so you can easily fit if you have a wide hip(especially for women).

It comes with a soft pillow that is specifically designed for the sleeping bag. The pillow is very soft, lightweight and it also allows airflow so you won’t get sweaty on hot nights.

What is the temperature rating? you can comfortably sleep up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit So you don’t have to worry about cold night sleeps and most seasons.

They also have a lifetime warranty, and they have clearly stated that they will change the sleeping bag if you have any problems or defects while trying to use it.

Personally, I have never had any problems with the sleeping bag. But I have read their warranty carefully and you can get a new one if you don’t like anything about it, even if the problem is with the carrying bag!

How much does it weigh? with the tiny pillow it comes with, it is around 5pounds, 4.5pounds to be specific. So this sleeping bag is not that lightweight I mean you can guess that when you look at the temperature rating.

What material is it made out of? while the inside is 100% double layered cotton which makes it comfortable, cozy, and warm. The outside is polyester which allows ventilation to decrease sweating.

It is also machine washable, you won’t have to clean it manually by hand just put it into laundry like any other cloth and it will be fine.

Too many positive things right! what bad things does it have? the only negative thing I saw is the size of the sleeping bag as I have said It is a little heavy coming around 4.5 pounds so you might find it hard to fit into small backpacks.

The nice thing is you will have a compression sack to make it occupy as little space as possible.

I am not sure about the price it goes up and down depending on the time of the year. But it is not expensive at all.

You can find this amazing sleeping bag on amazon you can check it out.

2. NEMO Men’s Riff 30-Degree

What a sleeping bag by Nemo! this is a high-quality sleeping bag that can last years with no damage. So you don’t have to worry it might tear up or any other things that might happen to low-quality sleeping bags

I bought this sleeping bag about a year ago, and it hasn’t had any dysfunction despite the fact that I use it every time.

NEMO Men's Riff 30-Degree Down Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is specifically designed for side sleepers. It is wide around the hip area and also around the feet so that you can curl your knees when you sleep.

It has a packed size of 17 x 9 inches and it is very lightweight the regular size weighs around 2lbs 9oz while the long one weighs 2lb 10oz(1.16kg), so it is very perfect for hiking and also for bikers.

What I like about them is that unlike many other sleeping bag sellers they have two sizes to choose from so if you are tall like me or a big person you might like the bigger size.

The normal size can fit people up to 6feet tall, while the bigger size can easily fit people up to 6.5feet tall.

It also has two choices, with different temperature ratings: the first is 30-degree Fahrenheit and the second has a 15-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating, depending on the place you are going, choose the one that is suitable for you.

This sleeping bag is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting wet if there is some kind of water in your sleeping area.

What I didn’t like about the sleeping bag? is that the zipper is on the left side which is not comfortable to unzip and zip while I am inside cause I am right-handed but if you are ok with that you will definitely like it.

And the best thing is it is sold on amazon, here You can take a look.

3. Coleman palmetto sleeping bag

Coleman palmetto sleeping bag

This is a rectangular sleeping bag that can give comfort for side sleepers because of the extra room it has. It is also from the big outdoor accessories selling company Coleman.

This Coleman’s palmetto is a sleeping bag for price. If you are tight on a budget this sleeping bag is perfect. In short words, this is a quality sleeping bag at an amazing price.

You can find many sleeping bags that have a very cheap price but most are low-quality and they might be worn out in a short time but this sleeping bag is a very highly rated sleeping bag and that is of course for its high quality.

So how much is the price? It is around $25.99 but always doesn’t forget that you can buy a used one for less price.

The problem is this sleeping bag is not that small, what is the product dimension? 16.9*10*16.9 inches 4.07 pounds and it is not super lightweight bad news for backpackers

I personally don’t recommend this sleeping bag for backpacking and hiking, it is very bulky and heavy for that. But if you are taking your sleeping bag with a car or any other thing which you don’t have to carry by yourself it is great.

It has a temperature rating of 30 to 50 degrees so it is pretty good for cold temperatures but anything lower than 30 degrees might be too cold to sleep so you have to watch out.

You can check this if you want to read the pdf for their warranty of this sleeping bag. The sellers are serious about their warranty, so if you are going to buy this sleeping bag you have to make sure to read the pdf.

You can check Coleman palmetto sleeping bag from amazon.

#5. Revalcamp Sleeping Bag

Revalcamp Sleeping Bag

Revalcamp Sleeping Bags come in a variety of colors and also have a cheap price. So if you don’t want a boring color you can have this sleeping bag.

With around $29 these sleeping bags have good quality and high ratings on Amazon and also other sleeping bag selling companies.

This sleeping bag has plenty of space that makes it very comfortable for us side-sleepers. you can attach two sleeping bags and make them single if you want to sleep with someone.

Weighing around 2.6 pounds it also comes with a compression bag, and with a product dimension of 71x31x3 inches, so you can easily put it into a backpack

What would I say about this sleeping bag is that if you are taller than 5.11 feet I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you are shorter than that you will love it.

It is also machine washable, you won’t have trouble washing it with your hand but washing it very often may result in some unwanted things like loose fabric so be careful about that.

If you want to check here, Revalcamp Sleeping Bag on amazon.

4. Sea to summit spark side-down sleeping bag

Sea to summit spark side-down sleeping bag

Sea to the summit is a sleeping bag designed for as an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag It is a very lightweight sleeping bag with also high quality.

Due to its lightweight, it is very suitable for hiking and backpacking. And it also comes with a compression sack, therefore, you can easily put it into your backpack.

The dimension of the product is 13.8 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches while it is in the compression sack.

This Sea to Summit sleeping bag has five temperature divisions(temperature ratings)

  • 40 degrees F– It weighs 12oz and a volume of 1.5L when packed.
  • 28 degrees F– It weighs 1lb 1oz and a volume of 2.5L when packed.
  • 18 degrees F– It weighs 1lb 1oz and a volume of 1.9L when packed.
  • 5 degrees F– It weighs 1lbs 15oz and a volume of 6.6L when packed.
  • 50 degrees F– It weighs 8oz and a volume of 0.9L when packed.

What makes this sleeping bag nice for side-sleepers? it is wide enough from up to bottom which allows you to bend your knees if you want and also it is wide at the shoulder area, so while you sleep with your side you will feel comfortable.

The sleeping bag comes in two sizes (regular and long) the regular fits people up to 6feets tall and shorter, while the long is for people up to 6.5feet.

This sleeping bag is fairly new on amazon and it doesn’t have that many sales but they have sold hundreds of these on their website and as you know you can check it both on their website and on Amazon.

This sleeping bag has a fairly high price but it is fair if you consider the quality of this product. The price varies from $230 to $450 you can check more on Amazon.

6. Active era 4-season sleeping bag

Active era sleeping bag

I have not tried this sleeping bag for myself, my review is based on my experience of buying sleeping bags from customer reviews and the product description.

What a price and quality this sleeping bag has to offer from what I have read is a high-quality sleeping bag at an affordable price.

The active era is a big brand in the sleeping bag niche, and they have brought this sleeping bag for around $30. It sometimes goes up and down a bit but I would say $30 an amazing price for this quality product.

You don’t have to worry about water getting into your sleeping bag. The active era is 100% water-resistant unlike some water-resistant sleeping bags like they are sold a waterproof but they are not even close, but I can tell you this one is water-resistant.

For taller hikers and bikers this is not the right choice for you. You must be a maximum of 5’11” if you are taller than this you will not fit well. How much does it weigh? the shipping weight is 1500g(3.4 pounds), So it is on the light side of sleeping bags.

The temperature rating is from 15° to 50°F but the optimal temperature is from 30° to 50° it is also windproof so if you are not sleeping in a tent that is a big advantage.

What is packed size? it is around 17*11*8 inches, so it is relatively small you can fit it into small backpacks so it is nice for hiking and for bikers.

This sleeping bag has some drawbacks too; Many people complain about the zipper! I have read many complain that the sleeping bag has a very low-quality zip, and it will be broken within a few days of use.

They have a full money-back guarantee which is good if you don’t like it you can ship it back to them and have your money.

As I have said, this sleeping bag is sold on Amazon for about $30 you can take a look at it, Active era mummy sleeping bag.

7. Coleman Sun Ridge sleeping bag

Coleman Sun Ridge sleeping bag

As I have said Coleman is a big brand in the outdoor niche and they have many quality products this sleeping bag is one of them. It has a rectangular shape which makes it nice for side sleepers.

It is made out of polyester in and out it has a temperature rating of 50° Fahrenheit and it is great for temperatures from 40° to 50° Fahrenheit.

With a price of around $27, it is a very high-quality sleeping bag with also high ratings. It weighs around 4lb it is not lightweight but the size is small you can easily fit it into a backpack. The dimension of the sleeping bag is 8.5*16.3*10.4 inches.

What makes it good for side-sleepers? it has plenty of space in it you can easily move while you are sleeping.

you can, take a look at this sleeping bag on amazon.


I would say be careful on what you get, and before you buy your sleeping bag take a look at customer reviews cause that is where you will get the most authentic review of the product thanks for reading:)