Does Home Depot Carry Camping Tents?

If you are wondering Does Home Depot Carry Camping Tents? Yes they do! You may also be interested in the variety of tents they offer: dome style or cabin style? Single walled or double layered fabric? You’ll have no problem finding what you need at Home Depot! You may want to check out their inventory … Read more

Are pop up tents good for camping?

If you are one of the millions of people who love to camp but find standard tents a hassle, then you should definitely look into getting yourself a pop up tent. These amazing little wonders make setting up and taking down your shelter quick and easy. Once you have tried using one of these wonderful … Read more

Where are coleman tents made?

Coleman tents are typically made in the United States, and they have been produced for over a hundred years. Coleman has been an industry leader for camping gear since before World War II, so it’s no surprise that some of these plants are now producing all sorts of things from sleeping bags to kayaks. The … Read more

Are coleman good tents?

are coleman good tents

In this article, we will discuss whether or not coleman tents are good quality. Coleman has been in business for over 100 years and they have come out with some innovations that were ahead of their time – including inflatable air mattresses! Coleman has also come a long way in terms of innovations in regards … Read more

Can You Use Flex Seal On A Tent?

Can You Use Flex Seal On A Tent?

Flex Seal is great for camping. It’s a multi-purpose sealant that comes in all shapes, cans, sprays, rolls, and liquids. It’s designed to stop water from coming into whatever you decide to spray, tape, or coat. If your tent is letting in water, Flex Seal might be the perfect thing for you. It’s so easy … Read more

DO TENTS ATTRACT LIGHTNING-lightning-proof tents


The annual death by lightning is 51 people in the United States and around 2000 worldwide. National Geographic Hey, campers you are probably here because you have found thunderstorms scary it is not only you, its many people issue especially while camping people get obsessed with this. But what you have to know is the … Read more