Best Sleeping Bag For Stomach Sleepers

As you might have known most sleeping bags are made for back sleepers and so if you are a stomach sleeper you might have a hard time finding the right sleeping bag.

What kind of sleeping bag do you need if you sleep on your stomach? well, you need a sleeping bag that has more padding around the stomach and the knee area so that it will be as a cushion.

The padding around the stomach area will help you to support your upper body and the pad around the knees is to prevent your knees from any kind of injury on your legs which you don’t want while camping.

The second thing is stomach sleepers need more room in their sleeping bag which makes movement easier, considering this and some other things I have reviewed 5 sleeping bags.

If you have already bought a sleeping bag and you have found it uncomfortable then you can buy a sleeping pad which will fix everything like this sleeping pad on amazon(it is super light and cheap so if you don’t have enough money to invest on a sleeping bag you can get it.

But if you haven’t bought a sleeping bag and you are here to buy a sleeping bag I have suggested the 5 best sleeping bags I have found to be very comfortable for stomach sleepers.

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A quick overview of the sleeping bag for stomach sleepers

1. Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 Degree sleeping bag

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15°F Cold Weather Mummy Hiking & Backpacking Sleeping Bag - Duck Down 650 FP 3 Season Sleeping Bags for Adults - Ultralight with Compression Stuff Sack (Maroon, Long)

This is probably the best sleeping bag for stomach sleepers it is a highly rated sleeping bag at a reasonable price, the price might go up and down depending on the size you pick and time of the year but it is not that expensive.

These sleeping have a variety of colors to choose from. They are black, blue, light blue, maroon, and finally red, Don’t be boring, pick a bright color?, I have this sleeping bag with a maroon color and the nice thing is the price is all the same for the different colors.

And there are three sizes you can choose from, short, regular and long, the short size fits people under 5’6″tall, the regular fits people under 6′ tall and finally, the tall size fits people up to 6’6″ feet tall. I am around 6 but I choose to get the long one and I love it.

Is it lightweight? as you might have guessed by the name of this sleeping bag “Hyke & Byke” this sleeping bag is a super lightweight sleeping bag so which makes it very nice for hikers and bikers out there.

But what you have to know is that the weight may differ by the size of the sleeping bag you pick; 2.56 lbs is the short one, while Regular: 2.71 lbs: and the Long: 2.89 lbs and that is shipping weight with the compression(yap it comes with a compression bag)

What makes this sleeping bag comfortable for stomach sleepers? the amount of comfort of a sleeping bag is mostly measured by the material that is used as a filling(the quality), the size of the sleeping bag around the shoulders and around the hip area, and the padding.

This sleeping is made with hydrophobic 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric also which makes it 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry about anything if your sleeping area is wet or dumpy.

This sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 15 degrees Fahrenheit and from my experience, you can sleep very comfortably from 25 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Take a look at this sleeping bag on Amazon.

2. Venture backpacking sleeping bag

Venture backpacking sleeping bag

This is a very high-quality sleeping bag which I have found to be very comfortable for stomach sleepers.

It has a choice of two temperature rating and that is 40degrees and 70degrees Fahrenheit, So depending on the place you are camping choose the one that is suitable for you.

It is also water-resistant so you will be dry and cozy in wet situations. The high-grade polyester filling used for this sleeping bag allows ventilation so that you don’t get sweaty and you don’t get cold at the same time.

This sleeping bag is very suitable for back backing due to its lightweight. without the compression bag, this sleeping bag weighs 2.7 pounds and the compression bag is around 2ounce so it adds up to 2.9pounds.

This sleeping bag is comfortable even if the ground is rough it will make it more even and smooth.

Unlike back sleepers if you sleep on your stomach your knees will touch the ground with higher pressure and this sleeping bag will give you the level of comfort you will need.

The price goes up and down on different seasons, this sleeping bag is sold on Amazon you can check it.

3. TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is amazing for campers who are going camping in cold places this sleeping bag has an amazing temperature rating of 5deggres Fahrenheit /-15deggres Celsius.

It comes with a compression bag and the shipping weight is 5pounds and without the compression bag this sleeping bag weighs 4.1pounds so it is not the best for backpackers and hikers but if you are car camping and you are a stomach sleeper this is nice.

The material is rip-stop fabric so it safe from damage for a long time they also have limited lifetime warranty you can visit their website for more information on their warranty info.

This has a water-resistant property to some degree because of its synthetic insulation but it is not completely waterproof and it is also sold on Amazon you can check TETON Sports Tracker.

4. Sleepingo double sleeping bag

Sleepingo double sleeping bag

This is sleeping bag is perfect for couples and you can even sleep in this sleeping bag alone 🙂 I mean there is no law against that.

It comes with an amazing price and level of comfort of premium sleeping bags and it is one of the most sold sleeping bags on Amazon and also other major selling companies.

It has a temperature rating is 32deggre Fahrenheit (0deggre Celsius) so you can be sleeping warm when it is freezing outside but I don’t mean it is the best for cold weather. you know what most sleeping bags made for two people aren’t the best on keeping you warm because of the space they have.

It comes with a compression bag and 2 traveling pillows and it is also 100% waterproof.

In spite of being a double sleeping bag, this sleeping bag is lightweight, the shipping weight is around 7.1pounds but the sleeping bag alone is 3 pounds without the other things it comes with.

You can check this sleeping bag on Amazon.

5. Teton trailhead mummy sleeping bag

Teton trailhead mummy sleeping bag

Teton is a big company in the camping niche, with a price around $57 I have found this sleeping bag to be decent, comfortable and nice for stomach sleepers.

This sleeping bag comes with two colors, green/grey, and orange/grey. and also two sizes, the adult size 87″ *32″ *22″ and a scout size 75″ *30″ *20″.

It comes with a compression bag and it compresses well, the adult size sleeping bag weighs 2.9pounds while the scout is 2.4pounds with the compression bag, so its lightweight makes perfect for backpackers.

It has a temperature rating of 20°F but there are many claims that it will be very cold if the temperature is below 40°F so I won’t suggest this sleeping for temperature anything less than 40°F.

The best thing is, this sleeping bag has a limited lifetime warranty. so if there is any deficiency of the product they will change it with a new one.

Make sure to check this sleeping bag on Amazon.

What to consider when buying a sleeping bag if you are a stomach sleeper

When sleeping on your stomach the most pressure of your upper body is on your lower chest and the pressure of the lower body is on the knees.

So what this means you will have to have good support on these two areas, so whenever you are about to buy a sleeping pad you have to check these two and I have reviewed the sleeping bags based on this and some other factors like quality and comfort.

The second thing some people might feel not feel comfortable around their neck and also sometimes around their lower back when sleeping in a sleeping bag. If you also have this problem it is most likely because you sleep with your stomach. I suggest you have a sleeping pad which will make things easier for you.

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