Can You Wild Camp in America?

Can You Wild Camp in America

Yes! Technically, it’s completely legal to wild camp in US national forests and grasslands (unless otherwise marked). Compared to the rest of the world, North America is super accommodating to those looking to camp authentically.  Additionally, you can wild camp on the “backcountry” of national parks and national monuments. However, this will often require a … Read more

Does Touching a Tent Make it Leak?

Does touching a tent make it leak

Any tent that you buy can have the potential to leak, even if you have spent a large amount of money on your purchase. Though, the last thing that anybody wants is to go on a camping trip and spend the entire trip soaking wet and miserable. Something that you might have heard about is … Read more

How I Keep My Dog Warm on camping trips

dog booties standing in snowy place

Looking at your dog, cold, his tail tucked up, while you are inside a cozy feather-down jacket is very sad and that is exactly why you are reading this right now. Dogs can resist cold more than us, so you shouldn’t worry that much but if the temperature is below 50 degrees F that might … Read more

Best sleeping pad for stomach sleepers

a cat sleeping on a bed

HEY CAMPERS! I bet you are reading this post because you have found most sleeping pads uncomfy, and it is a must that you have a good night sleep while camping unless you want to wake up lethargic and waste that beautiful time. Most sleeping pads are designed for back sleepers and side sleepers, which … Read more

What is the best place to buy camping gear?

woman piching a tent

Whether your old camping gears have worn out or you are new camping there are hundreds if not thousands of sellers who have specialized in selling outdoor gears. I have researched and listed the ones that I have had a great experience buying products from We all know camping gears are not cheap! but that … Read more

How Long Should your Camping Trip Be?


I guess you are a beginner camper if you are reading this post, if I am right welcome to the camping community. Camping is actually one of my favorite things to do, it refreshes my mind and gives me life, I was a beginner camper too and I know what people ask when they start … Read more

Can You Use a Camping Stove Indoors

portable gas stove

You are here because you want to use a camping stove indoors but you aren’t sure whether it is possible or not, which is an important question but the problem is it doesn’t have a definitive answer to it. Can you use a camping stove indoors? yes and no. you can, if you use it … Read more