THE 6 TYPES OF CAMPING- how to prepare for one

Due to many factors and population increase, it’s very hard to find a place that is free from technology and electronics and us humans need a break from all this chaos at least once a year in my opinion.

Camping can be a way to take a break from all, and that is why there are hundreds of millions of peoples go camping each year, there are 40 million people camping in the United States alone each and every year and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in the world.

You might have heard of many types of camping but mainly camping is divided into 6. And all are just some branches of these 6 types with just some minor changes. How is one camping type different from the other? The types of camping are mainly differentiated by there shelter type and Where you get your food from.

A quick overview of the main types of camping

1 Tent camping

camping with a tent

Tent camping is the activity of camping with the use of a tent as a shelter. 

When you hear the word camping, most likely the first thing that will come to your mind is tent camping. Tent camping is the most basic and usual kind of camping and is also it’s my favorite next to cabin camping.

While tent camping, there are many elements that would hinder your activities if you don’t do things the right way, things like sun exposure, wind, rain, snow, and many more that would be troublesome depending on your campground so you have to make sure you do things the right way.

Like most of the time especially on tent camping, you have to be active and working all day it will start form pitching your tent properly when you arrive at your campground, yap that first thing you have to do, assembling your tent correctly it might take hours if you don’t have experience before.

Before pitching your tent, You have to choose a place which is nice and level you don’t want an uneven and bumpy place that would make your camping trip unpleasant, So the first thing you have to do when you arrive at your campground is choosing a nice place.

The second thing is you have to choose while you are on a camping trip is a place which is shady, you have to protect your tent from the sun if it is summer and from rain and snow if it is winter.

And the other thing you have to do if your camping ground is windy is facing your tent opposite to the direction of the wind unless you want the wind to come through your door.

And if your campground has harsh weather like if it is too rainy or too cold you should have a good sleeping bag that would protect you from them and also a tent don’t underestimate the game of your tent it can have a major difference.

In rainy and cold places, you have to have a waterproof tent and also waterproof sleeping, You also need thermally insulated blankets you will put it underneath your sleeping bag it will conserve your body heat and also your energy.

How much does it cost you to buy a tent? mainly on the size, tents have varying prices the average price is about $80 but you can find tens for a lower price than that up to $30 and some family tents can go up to $300-$400.

There are many other necessities on tent camping like a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and many other things. You have to make sure you get all the things before going.

2 RV camping

RV in the woods

RV camping (Recreational vehicle camping) is a kind of camping with using a vehicle as a shelter.

RV camping is a very common kind of camping especially in the United States and some other European countries.

You have two choices for RV camping, you can either buy an RV if you have the good cash layin, or you can rent them for a night.

What is the cost of RV rental? depending on the age and the class you can rent an RV from $50 to $450 and sometimes up to $500 if you are going for high-class RV.

The average rental price is around $100 that is a basic RV which is not to luxury but it has all the things that you will need

What if you are thinking to buy an RV? you might have guessed RVs are expensive, cost of RVs range from $10,000 to $300,000 and it might go up to 400,00 if you want super luxury RV. While the average cost of RV is from $40,000 to $60,000.

RV camping have many advantages and one of them is that you can travel from place to place easily. Unlike tent camping, you will not have to carry things with a backpack.

And the other advantage is a good sleep protected from things, things that can make your night time hell like cold and mosquitos.

As many advantages you have, there are also some disadvantages, disadvantages like you can not go to every place, places that you can explore with foot, so you are limited to some places.

The other disadvantage, some people say you are not connected to nature as of other kinds of camping, why? you might spend a lot of time inside a car!

But you can do many things while RV camping like you can go for hiking, and you can also take a hammock with you. You can even buy a hammock that is specifically designed for full night sleep the have a net for mosquitos and some other bug that might disturb you.

3 Cabin camping

wooden cabin

Cabin camping is the activity of camping using a cabin as a shelter. A cabin is a small house usually build in the countryside.

Cabin camping is my favorite kind of camping. in my opinion, you have all the fun of camping and at the same time, you will have the level of comfort that you can have only at home.

You can either buy, rent or build a cabin. As a family, we have a cabin built some years ago and it has been very important to us.

I have been camping in our cabin for years. and for you, as I have said you can either buy, rent or build a cabin, how much would they cost you.

Buy a cabin, depending on the place the size and the quality of the cabin they cost from $10,000 to $350,000.

A cabin which has a size of 12’x12’ located in a place which is not too fancy can cost a little as $10,000(i mean small for a house) and a cabin which is big as 24’x48’ and located in a good place can go up to $300,000 and $350,000.

But I bet it is easier to rent a cabin than buy one. What about cabin rental? and also here depending on the luxury the size and the place on which the cabin is located it might cost from $50 to $500 but the average price is about $100 per night.

And the last choice is building a cabin as a DIY project I bet you will enjoy it. I have been part of many cabin building DIY project and I have been learning new things every time. It is not an easy project so you need good time money and experience. On average it might cost you around $20,000 to build a normal-sized cabin.

4 Survival camping

survival camping

Survival camping is a kind of camping in which a man is supposed to survive with the least aid of other things that are not natural(human-made).

But most of the time people take a knife and some other simple things with the while some people prefer not even to wear cloth.

It is not easy! survival camping is the hardest kind of camping you can go to. You need experience if you haven’t gone for a camping trip before it is almost impossible to go to a survival camping because of many hardships.

On survival camping, the big issue is food so you have to know how you can get food. You have to know which is eatable and which is not, you don’t want to get poisoned by some good looking plant.

And also water is a very important thing so it is nice if you have a water filter with you and it is best if you have a water purifier with you they have a difference. what is the difference between a water filter and a water purifier?

A water filter is designed to remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria, but not viruses.

You can read more about the difference between a water filter and water purifier in their website water filter vs water purifier.

You will most likely need a water purifier to have clean water on your survival. Another choice is to boil water you can get in your surroundings like collect some water from rain or from the river and boil it.

I bet you liked the video, I have seen tricks that I have not known before I hope you also have learned some things.

And if you can learn some tips and tricks about survival that would be very helpful. I better say you need some kind of class of survival skills it might be online class and there are some people who teach survival skills you will need it on your day to day activity of your survival.

As you might have guessed unlike most camping types like glamping survival camping don’t need that much money. So if you don’t have money so can still do it.

5 Glamping

luxury camping glamping

Glamping is camping in luxury. With all necessities fulfilled.

People don’t like the hassle of camping and at the same time they love camping, glamping is the answer to this. You get the fun of camping but you will not have the hardships like other camping.

Mostly Glamping is done in big tents. Most of the things you will need for a living will be there like your bed, chairs, food, water, and many other things. And you can take your phone or tab with you so that you can check your email or anything that you do with your phone.

But you should not forget it is camping, you have to be away from electronics and have time with nature! the wilderness, so you should not take many electronics with you.

You can easily be tricked to just chill in your bed hile glamping so take a hammock with you or some hiking equipment so that you can go hike.

Bring your dog with you and go out for a walk with your dog. I have written an article on how you can go camping with your dog you can check it out.

You have to know that you are going to need a good amount of cash for this. Glamping is mostly done by rental, how much per night? it varies from $150 to $450 on the tent you choose and also the site in which it is located.

6 Bike camping

bike riding with a backpack

Bike camping is the activity of camping while traveling on a bike carrying all you stuff in a backpack.

Bike camping involves traveling from place to place. You will start your morning by packing your stuff to your backpack.

And you will start your journey to one place. If you are an experienced cycler you might go many miles without a break

For bike camping, you have to have a good bike with a good tire. Your bike has to be lightweight, which would make things easier.

Not only your bike, while camping a camping trip you have to make everything light as possible. Like if you are going to use a tent as a shelter you have to have a light tent and sleeping bag.

tent camping

Which camping is the best

Each camping has its own good things and bad. For instance, glamping is very good if you don’t want trouble but it has a high expense compared to other types. While survival camping has a very low expense but you will have many hardships.

On the table you see below I have compared the price of each kind of camping. For RV, cabin camping, and glamping I have listed the price of the rental. If you are trying anything different than rental, like buy an RV you the cost is way more than this.

Tent camping$1100
RV camping$900
Cabin camping$1500
Bike camping$1800

I have calculated the price with a 5-day stay. the price may be way more than that way less this might not be the real price that is just my guess based on what I have experienced.

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