Where are coleman tents made?

Coleman tents are typically made in the United States, and they have been produced for over a hundred years.

Coleman has been an industry leader for camping gear since before World War II, so it’s no surprise that some of these plants are now producing all sorts of things from sleeping bags to kayaks.

The first tent was created in the late 1800s by William James Coleman. The company has grown exponentially and now produces hundreds of different products including stoves, coolers, sleeping bags, air mattresses, camp chairs, tents and so much more.

The company states that its products are made with a “focus on quality” but there haven’t been any specific claims about where exactly each product comes from or who oversees production at those facilities.

We do know that most North American-made items will say right on them whether they’re assembled domestically when you buy them online, but not all of the company’s products do, so you’ll have to read more about where they’re made if you want a definitive answer.

Who makes Coleman tents?

Coleman is an an independent company headquartered in Wichita where they produce about 100-120 thousand units per day.

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to camping with coleman–some of their best sellers include: Sundome Tent (four person), Sundome Tent (six person), Horizon Cabin Dome, Coleman Weathermaster Screened Room.

Does Walmart own Coleman?


They are an independent corporation that operates without any outside influence from other corporations like WalMart or Target.

The logo for Coleman is registered trademark and there are many different companies that have licensed the name over the years–such as: Target, WalMart, Cabela’s.

Many people don’t realize that Walmart does not own Coleman as they are only a licensee where the brand name belongs to them but all manufacturing takes place outside of their control.

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