What to wear going camping

Going camping for the first time and wondering what to wear?

When going camping, what to wear can be a daunting question. There are so many different variables that need to be considered when packing what you will wear.

Some people have been camping their whole lives and they still forget something important!

This article provides an appropriate clothing guide for campers that will answer all your questions about what to wear when going camping.

What to wear

The first thing to consider is what the weather conditions might be like on your trip.

If it’s a cold climate then pack layers of clothing that can be worn on top or underneath, and if it’s warm outside make sure your clothes are breathable and lightweight.

The benefit of wearing layers is that it will make it easier to regulate your temperature by peeling off clothing in an environment that is very hot or very cold.

If the weather is unreliable, then you can be prepared for a variety of conditions by packing several different outfits.

For the most versatility, pack clothes that are appropriate for both warm and cold weather.

The next thing to consider is what activities you’ll partake in on your camping trip.

If it’s going to be a relaxing weekend with games and movies, then lightweight clothing that can easily dry should suffice.

But if it’s an active adventure involving hiking, fishing and kayaking then clothes that provide more protection from the elements are required.

And of course appropriate footwear for all these activities has to be considered as well!

What shoes do you wear camping?

Well, that depends on what activities are planned for your trip.

Hiking boots or hiking sandals will be best if there is a lot of walking involved.

Hiking boots are a type of footwear used primarily in hiking, exploration and similar outdoor activities. Hiking boots are well suited for muddy or rough conditions. A typical pair of hiking boots will have thick soles and high ankle support to protect the wearer from rocks and other debris. These types of shoes are also waterproof to some degree to prevent water from getting inside them while the wearer is walking through wet areas.

Hiking sandals, also known as flip-flops, are footwear that loosely resemble a regular pair of sandals, but with the addition of a strap (usually a nylon and Velcro type) that wraps around the front portion of the foot and holds it in place. These straps prevent any accidental slippage or movement of the sole or foot out of the sandal, so they can be considered to be more stable than regular flip-flops. They also typically provide more ankle support than regular sandals because they don’t have as much movement in them.

But if it’s more of a relaxing weekend then lightweight shoes will be just fine.

Campers who plan to spend more time lounging around and picnicking than trekking through trails can wear running shoes, sneakers or any other shoe with good traction.

And let’s not forget about how important socks are! Wearing cotton socks when wearing rubberized soles might seem like it would provide extra cushioning but actually these materials don’t mix well together as the moisture from sweat could lead to blister development – which nobody wants!

Are jeans good for camping?

There are some instances where wearing jeans may be appropriate for camping.

For example, if you are going on a short and less active camping trip then jeans are fine.

Jeans are also appropriate to wear for longer periods of time when the weather is warm and dry or very cold but not too windy outside.

Jeans are durable so they can come in handy for doing camp chores like chopping firewood or setting up tents, these pants are tough enough that you don’t need any other protection from possible scrapes or cuts.

And when it comes time to pack your clothes away you will find that because jeans are heavy duty they will hold their shape better than lighter weight options such as cotton shorts or capris – not only are there less wrinkles but also no clinginess when stored together with heavier items such as sweaters or jackets. So if space is a concern then jeans are a good choice.

What are the disadvantages of jeans?

However, generally speaking jeans are not the best option for camping.

The most obvious disadvantage is that they are not waterproof.

They’re also not very breathable making them a bad choice in warm or humid weather – their thick material does not allow sweat to evaporate. This can lead to increased chances of developing a heat rash or blisters.

Jeans also have the potential to get very dirty during camping trips because they absorb dirt easily when wet. And in most cases it is impossible for jeans to dry quickly enough after being soaked with water so this means you will need multiple pairs if your trip involves any amount of hiking outside!

Jeans are also heavier than camping clothes that are made from lighter materials making them tough to move in, even when they’re dry and if they get wet, it’s likely that they’ll get soaked through.

Plus rain can cause denim to stretch out of shape with prolonged exposure leading to saggy knees which may ruin them altogether.

What should I wear instead of jeans?

If you’re interested in getting clothes made specifically for camping then cotton cargo pants will do the trick because they provide good protection from scrapes and cuts while remaining lightweight and breathable – perfect for warm weather camping trips!

Cotton capris can also work well but these tend to get dirty quickly due to their absorbent nature so be sure to pack an extra pair in case the first gets wet.

If you are camping during colder weather and want something heavier, then wool pants or jeans made from a blend of cotton and polyester may work well but do keep in mind that these clothing options cost more than regular camping clothes. If you’re on a budget then stick with lighter weight camping gear!

Breathable waterproof camping trousers are also a great option, being made from a cotton and polyester blend which will allow you to stay dry while also being able to move freely in them, making them perfect for hiking, kayaking or any other water-based activity.

Camping skirts are another option that are becoming more popular with many women who are avid campers!

So whilst jeans might not be the best choice for camping there are plenty of other comfortable and casual options!


What to wear going camping is all about what you’re most comfortable in.

But you do have to make sensible decisions based on the camping season and what activities you’re going to be doing.

In the end, you can never be too prepared for a camping trip and it’s always a good idea to have a variety of clothing.

Camping is not all about roughing it! Comfort should be a priority, but being prepared for an active trip ensures the best experience possible.

You never know what might happen on a camping adventure, so plan ahead and prepare for all eventualities.

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