Is Camping Fun? why I Love Camping

I love camping so much but if you are here reading this it means you are not sure if it worth to go on a camping trip. I know it is fair to ask that, I mean you can have fun in your house watching movies or something.

But the thing you have to know is the joy you get from camping if different than that of watching movies or even spending time in a park.

In this post, I will answer questions you might ask about camping. Questions like is camping fun? And how to make my camping trip more enjoyable? What to do while camping? and many more.

I have been camping my whole life, and while camping I have many bad and good experiences. And in this article, I will share my camping experience with you.

Is camping fun

To answer the question is camping fun? shortly, Camping is fun but it is enjoyable if you do everything correctly and If you take all the necessities you need for camping with you you will love it but if not camping will not be fun. It makes you connected with yourself and you will be calmer while you are out in nature with the trees and river than sitting at home on your phone.

So don’t give a reason not to go camping, I know many people say you don’t get a good night sleep because there are will be many bugs and mosquitoes bothering you and obviously you won’t be sleeping on a comfy bed but there is always a solution for a problem, you can use bug repellant for the mosquitoes, and there are many comfortable sleeping pads for good night sleep.

you can learn new things, I don’t know if this is funny but I found nature teaches me more than anything could. I learn a lot from camping I mean not just camping but any kind of thing that connects me to nature. I go on a camping trip at least twice a year. And cabin camping is my favorite because I am more protected from harmful elements like the cold. I love tent camping too, it is harder than cabin camping or RV camping but its fun.

The advantage of tent camping is you have to be more active, many problems arise so you have to solve them which makes you more active.

What benefits you get from camping

man sitting on a hammock along a river
  • Stress reduction– What causes stress? This is an article from WebMD I have liked, what is stress and causes of stress. Spending time in nature decreases stress and makes our mind calmer. And this will help you to give more attention to the things you do
  • Connect with nature– while camping you will find yourself connected with nature. The sound of the river, the water hitting the ground while raining, birds singing all this will make you connected with yourself and also with nature. And that will increase your awareness and it will make you happier and calmer.
  • Have time with family and friends– If you have people camping with you you can have a good time with them. You can go hiking, swimming, running with them. If you are planning to go hiking just don’t forget to bring some hiking equipment with you, like a shoe(there are shoes specifically designed for hiking), hiking shorts and some other necessary things.
  • Health benefits– Being disconnected from technology gives a big health benefit it makes your mind calmer. And while camping you have to constantly move there are many things you have to do you can not sit the whole day so this makes your body more active and healthy.
  • staying away from electronics– while camping you will have to stay away from most electronics and that is very beneficial for your mind. but most people take their phone with them and play games the whole day so that not what camping is about, camping is to stay away from technologies and have time with nature. so take your phone with you for some emergencies but don’t use it for the whole day.

What can make your camping trip bad?

Bad food– If you don’t get good food while you are camping you might hate it very much. So you have to pack good quality and a good amount of food that will last long. Take extra food with you anything might happen while your camping so it’s wise to have some extra things with you.

You have to be careful not to get food poisoning so choose wisely the things you take to your camping trip. Don’t take foods that get rotten fast like eggs and take fast food with you. I mean you can cook things but don’t take them ready-made.

What foods to take? Nuts, dried fruits, cereals if you have a freezer that you can take with you you can pack many things more.

Mosquitoes– These annoying insects can make your camping trip hell. And I know it’s very hard to avoid them they can sense your carbon dioxide from long-distance and they will come to hunt you. Not only they will suck your blood but they also have a very annoying sound that will make it hard to sleep.

You can do these things to avoid mosquitoes while camping

  • You can get a bug repellent spray
  • Bug repellent bracelets
  • To spray vinegar around you sleeping area

Bad weather– This is the biggest thing to consider before planning a camping trip. If you are planning a camping trip you have to check the weather. And if the place you are going to go, has bad weather you have to make sure you have all the necessities you need.

If you are planning for a cold camping trip you have to make sure you have a good sleeping bag and nice cloth to make sure you will be warm and comfortable. I have written an article on cold weather camping, you have to check out best tip and advice for camping in the cold.

If you are tent camping bad weather might affect you very much. So you have to make a good research of the place. what minimum can the temperature go is one of the questions you have to ask. And get a good sleeping bag to get a good night’s sleep.

And if the place is rainy get a waterproof tent and sleeping bag. There are tents which might have some opening on them so you don’t want that.

How to make your camping trip fun

cooking while camping in the wilderness
  • Stargaze in the night sky-Due to civilization it has become hard to see the night sky cleary. There is too much light pollution which makes it hard to see what is happening in the sky above. While camping the sky becomes very clear to see you can see planets and comets wandering through the sky. You can even take a small telescope or a binocular and explore the night sky furthermore. With small binoculars, you can see some moons of Jupiter, you can see Saturn rings and even pluto. You can take astronomy books with you. And they can guide you on things like at what month which planet is located where and many more things you can explore, And you might even end up liking astronomy. There are 88 constellations and you can learn many things about them. Like you can learn how to know where the constellations are located.
  • Painting- You can take painting equipment with you and start painting, you might be an expert or you don’t know anything about painting it doesn’t matter, you can learn, nobody can paint on the first try. so take your brush and a board with you. You can paint anything that comes to your mind it doesn’t have to be perfect or attractive. You will be more experienced as you do it more and more. What do you need for painting? a brush, drawing surface and paint. For the brush, it can be any brush that is for panting it doesn’t have to be expensive you can just buy the basic painting brush from amazon. Drawing surface you can use papers or boards but if you want you can get primed canvas panels they are not expensive, you can draw beautiful things on them. Primed canvas panels are specifically designed for painting so they can make it easier for you. And for the paint, you can use Acrylic paint they can make your painting experience more amazing. Acrylic paints can be used in many different kinds of surfaces, so that is a good advantage.
  • Taking a dog– Taking a dog to your camping trip is a wise thing to do. If you take a dog with you he will entertain you if you are bored and he might even help you to do things if he is well trained. But there are some necessities you will need. ,Set of purchasing an inexpensive temporary tag for your dog to wear along with the standard tags. Enter the name of the park where you will be camping and your assigned campsite number. Restrain your dog laying on the ground risked exposure as body heat is quickly absorbed into the Earth. Bring an old weather tarp to place under the bedding to shield your dog from hypothermia. To further protect your dog bring a coat pack or doggie sweater. And depending on the campsite or if your dog has weak footpads, boots are a good solution for Paw protection. Don’t forget to do a few trial runs with the boots before you leave because wearing shoes for the first time takes some time getting used to.Don’t win it when it comes to having enough food and water. You cannot trust the safety of streams rivers and lakes of the source of hydration for you or your dog. If that is the case take a water purifier and water filter with you that will solve the problem.
  • Cook– Cooking is essential while camping, you have to cook to eat unless you take premade foods with you which will be nice. But eating fresh food is healthy and fun than eating premade foods. What I am going to talk about is not cooking because you have to eat, but you can cook as a hobby too. Take some cookware with you. There is cookware which are specifically designed for camping you can get those and take them with you which will make things easier for you. You might be an experienced chief or you can just cook some basic things it doesn’t matter, you can make a hobby out of cooking. You have to make sure to take things that have a long shelf life unless you want your food to be spoiled.
  • Write your experience– Take a notepad with you and after a long day of fun and enjoyment take time to write a note of the things you did on the day.,And trust me you will enjoy reading it after you finish your camping trip. I always do that and know I have many pieces of my writing I enjoy reading. Every single day while camping I write a note of what I did. you can even write a poem or a novel if you want. In my experience, I will be more creative while I’m out in the wilderness alone it’s probably because I don’t waste my energy on different useless activities.
  • Playing games– If you are camping with your family or friends there are many games you can play it might be card games or board games just anything you enjoy doing. But you don’t have to take video games that will ruin the whole thing. and in my opinion, the best kind of game you can play while camping is any game which involves physical activity it might be soccer or jogging it helps you to stay fit. So before going to your camping trip just pack some kind thing like if you want to play soccer get a ball with you. But if you are camping alone you can get a book to read or you can jog if not if you don’t want to waste energy in any kind of physical activity just can have time with nature.
  • Bike riding– I know you are thinking about how you can take a bike on a camping trip? There are many kinds of bikes that are very lightweight and can be folded into a small size, which makes it easy to take for camping. Depending on the place you are planning to go bike riding might be fun, but if you are planning to go to places which are swampy or snowy bike riding will not be a lot of fun. So make sure the place is safe and comfortable for bike riding.