Where Can I Rent a Camping Tent?

When planning your next camping trip, the first step is to decide where you will be renting your tent from. While most companies can offer camping tents for rent, renting a tent from a specialty store may be a better option. Listed below are some of the top tent rental shops in your area. Getting a tent for rent from one of these shops will help you make your camping trip as enjoyable and carefree as possible.

Traverse Outfitters

If you live in New York City or the surrounding area, you can find a great rental option at Traverse Outfitters. This retailer offers a variety of camping gear, including camping tents. They offer round-trip delivery for $20, and shipping is free with orders over $99.

If you have never camped before, this is a great place to get started with basic camping gear. They rent backpacks, camping chairs, water filters, and solar chargers. You can also purchase additional items, such as sleeping bags, stoves, and lanterns, at Traverse Outfitters. The rental prices are quite competitive, too. You can choose a camping tent that is the perfect size, and enjoy the outdoors while you’re away.

Big Boys Toys

If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient camping tent rental, Big Boys Toys is the place to go. They rent all kinds of camping equipment, including tents, and provide a variety of activities for the whole family, from low-key to extreme. They also rent ATVs and other fun and extreme gear. Whether you’re going on a family vacation or just a weekend getaway, Big Boys Toys has what you need for an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Cloud of Goods

If you’re planning on heading to a campground in Orange County, you can rent a camping tent from Cloud of Goods, a startup in San Francisco that has recently expanded to the surrounding area. Founded by Punsri Abeywickrema, the company rents out travel gear that includes camping tents, beach chairs, and baby gear. It also has several packages to accommodate your specific needs.


There are many ways to rent a camping tent, but you may be wondering where to look. A great way to find one is to search online, and Nextdoor is a great place to start. This community is free to join, and members can post requests for tent rentals. Nextdoor members can rent tents for free, or they can use Craiglist, an online classifieds site. People rent everything from cars to boats, and you can often find good deals on a canvas wall tent for $25 to $75 a day.

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