What’s The Difference Between Glamping and Camping?

Planning a camping trip can be hard, especially when there are so many foreign terms to consider. Camping, glamping – what’s the difference? Well, there are a few different things between these two kinds of vacations.

The chances are that you probably know what camping is, to some degree. When you’re camping, you’re usually staying on a tent in a campsite. You may bring a couple of necessities with you such as your clothing, some drinking water and some food.

Ultimately, camping is a unique experience where you are truly taking the chance to experience nature. You are divided from nature by nothing but the fabric of a tent, roughing it up out in the open. It’s a vacation of simplicity.

So, what is glamping? As you can likely guess, glamping is the combination of two different words – glamorous and camping. It’s a much better choice if you prefer to have your vacation with a few extra creature comforts.

Instead of bundling yourself up in a sleeping blanket on the floor of a tent, you’ll usually have a mattress, some proper running water and a toilet that’s built into the place where you are staying.

You won’t need to walk over to the public toilets when you’re glamping! It’s a bridge between camping and the sorts of pleasures that you would get at home. You can go glamping in a number of different buildings.

For instance, you may stay in a camping cabin. These are usually wooden and you’ll have a roof over your head. Some places may even allow you to vacation in a tree house – this is a fantastic way to enjoy the view of the great outdoors. Other options include yurts and safari tents.

What does glamping mean in camping?

When you’re camping, you’re usually roughing it outdoors in a tent and with minimal amenities at your disposal. If you aren’t quite ready for the sometimes wild outdoors, then glamping may be a better option for you when you’re going on your next vacation.

Glamping essentially means glamorous camping. When you’re glamping, you get to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing your luxuries at home, such as your toilet, running water and a cozy mattress.

You will usually get a roof over your head rather than a tent, and you’ll even have access to electricity in many cases. You may also have a wood burning stove and heating when you are glamping. It is an experience of true luxury that’s perfect for outdoors lovers.

It’s certainly rising in popularity, and it’s ideal for a wide variety of people. It’s great for young families that need better access to amenities while they are camping, for friends who are looking to reconnect, or even for a solo vacation.

When you’re glamping, you don’t need to deal with the potential downsides of camping either, such as getting a flooded tent when it starts to rain, or sleeping on the ground, which isn’t always comfortable!

Why is it called glamping?

Glamping sounds like a made up word, and in a way, it kind of is! It essentially means glamorous camping, though. The term has been around for quite some time, and it refers to camping with a little bit of extra luxury.

Glamping began back in the 1100s, and people in Mongolian tribes lived in furs and yurts. These are both popular kinds of accommodation to stay in when glamping, too!

It started to become more popular during the 1900s then as a form of vacation for Europeans and Americans. It has only grown in popularity since then. The term glamping actually only made its way into mainstream culture in 2007. 

Glamping is popular for a number of different reasons. For starters, it allows you to have a relaxing vacation without having to give up all of your creature comforts. In addition to this, you can keep things like your electricity, your comfy mattresses and working toilets while you’re on your vacation.

It allows you to enjoy nature without living it rough in a tent. Thankfully, you still get the opportunity to be close to nature while you’re glamping.

It’s a great way to connect with friends and family while on vacation, and it’s usually a rather affordable way to get away from home for a while! If camping sounds like it may be a little too outdoorsy for you, then glamping may be the thing to try.

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