26 Night Camping Activities To Make Your Camping Fun

One of the greatest things about camping is the nighttime; those beautiful stars on the sky the fresh air you breathe in, you might have set a campfire. all and all this is so but it might be boring if you don’t know what to do. So in this blog post, I will share with you camping activities you can do while camping.

I have written 26 night camping activities you can do while camping to make your camping trip heaven on earth. My personal favorite ones on this list are the first one which is star gazing and the 24th and so let us start.

1 Stargazing

star gazing night sky while camping

It is becoming impossible from time to time to watch the stars and constellations on the night sky in big cities like New York and Vegas because of light pollution. stargazing is the perfect thing to do while camping because of the clear night sky there is in campgrounds(woods or generally in the wilderness) this is because there is no light pollution.

the things is stargazing is fun and interesting if you know what you are doing but if not, it will be boring; Good for you if you are an expert at but if not, you can learn it You can even take books about stargazing, the stars, constellations and generally about the night sky you can learn a lot from it.

2 Campfire

Chop some woods and set them on fire sit around them and enjoy. campfire is one of the most common things done while camping and it is for a reason. So why not take 2 or 3 bundles of sticks and you can even take your food like raw meat(if you are no a vegetarian) and you can have a freshly cooked meant you can enjoy for your dinner.

You know what! I know it is very hard to take wood to burn but that is not a problem anymore; There are axes that are specifically designed for camping they are lightweight and super strong you can take them with you and chop and gather wood start a campfire and enjoy: you have to make sure if coping wood is legal on the campsite you are camping on.

3 Reading around your campfire

if you enjoy reading I hope you do and If you are planning a campfire then what are you waiting for, take a book with you. Reading while sitting around you campfire is probably one of the best things I do for some people and I bet you like that too. And especially if you are camping with your family you can read aloud that would make everybody happy.

4 Night photography

while camping you will see beautiful views both on day and night and if you are a good cameraman you can actually make some good money with photography, but this is not our point and so you can take photographs with your phone just as a hobby but you eventually grow to a pro photographer.

Night photography! it might need good practice and a good camera but everything doesn’t have to be professional you can do it if you have an interest in night photography you can read this blog post night photography tips.

5 board games

you can play board games like monopoly or chess and they will make your mind more active and you will have a good time too. There are many other kinds of games you can choose and many will not hold big space so you can take them easily.

the thing with board games is that you can not play them if you are solo camping but if you have a friend or you are with your family, it would be nice to play board games. if you are Game of Thrones fan you can check this monopoly game on amazon.

6 Meditation

sunset meditation

After all the activities you do while your mind and body need good rest, to rest your body you can get a good nap but for your mind nap won’t be helpful, cause our mind is very busy while we are sleeping too, you can do a good meditation for 30 minutes and refresh your mind. It is scientifically proven that meditation can decrease stress and so you meditate for 30 min not only just while your camping but also other times it would be beneficial.

7 Watch the sunset

If the place you are camping is not super rainy or cloudy you can enjoy looking at the sunset. Looking at the sunset is also one of the most beautiful things to do, and the experience is amplified when you are out in the wilderness, nowadays it’s very hard to look at the sunset because of many skyscrapers and air pollution so the best time to look at the sunset is while you are camping.

8 Storytelling

Most of us have done this while we were kids and if you are camping with your family or if you have your kids with you storytelling might be a fun thing to do. You can take storybooks with you or you can create stroys and tell each other. and if you can build a campfire that would make it really interesting.

9 Truth or dare

There are truth or dare game cards you can get from online stores which are a lot of fun but you also can play it by yourself with no need for cards this also needs friends to play it with. Truth or dare make you more familiar with your friends and its fun thing to play too.

10 Snacks

You can take snakes with you and enjoy them sitting around a campfire. Take a snack like dried fruit or popcorns with you. You can even make some snacks while you are camping or you can take a couple of packed snacks with you on your camping trip.

11 Listen to music

This day there are many gadgets to listen to music by it can even be your phone, take a bunch of music of your choice and you can enjoy listening to them. But you can also take speakers which have a very loud and clear voice which makes the music more amazing.

12 Singing

This is not for all but if you have the experience you can sing or for your family and friends. But you don’t have to be a good singer you can just try singing. There are many online courses to teach singing you can learn singing and you might even end up loving singing.

13 Do nothing

I know you are here to to find, things you can do while camping. But you can just sit and enjoy nature connect to nature and breath fresh air. You can get a hammock and take a break from everything and enjoy nature.

14 Cook

Cooking is not only as a must you can cook as a hobby. You can take a stove with you or you can cook on your campfire. Take some veggies and meat and cook anything of your choice make sure the recipes you take don’t get rotten fast you don’t want anything like that.

15 Write

Take a notepad and a pen with you and write anything of your want it might be what you have experience on the day like a diary, or a poem anything. I always write my daily activity in my notebook and now I have many pieces of writing that can be written like a book and I love reading them.

16 Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek at night is fun but at night is hard to do without a flashlight. So pack a flashlight a have fun playing hide and seek. But you have to be careful not to trip and fell and of other accidents. It is a must that you get first aid kit while planning to camp because anything might happen.

17 Night walk

Walking keeps you fit and healthy but at night, it might be a little tricky and adventures. Get a god flashlight it will be best if you get a headlight so that both your hand will be free. And you can go for short walks around your campsite. not to forget you have to get a walking shoe that would make things easier.

18 Swimming

Swimming at night might not be the best thing to do while camping, I mean there are many things that will hinder you like the cold. But it is not bad if you have nice clean water to swim it is just that you have to be careful not to get cold. I mean you don’t want to get sick while you are camping that is the last thing you want, could make your whole camping trip hell.

19 Night hiking

If your campsite has a good place to hike you might as well go hiking at night but just as walking its hard at night. Get if you are ok with everything then get a hiking shoe and all the necessities that you need for hiking and go for it.

20 Fireworks

Get some fireworks and have fun with them. The only thing I have to say about fireworks is that just you have to be careful not to harm yourself and especially if you have kids with you you have to make sure that they don’t use it inappropriately.

21 Fishing

It’s unusual to see people fishing at night but it’s possible and also fun is cooler and less windy so that makes it more fun to fish. You can get amazing fish for your breakfast or you can put them back if you don’t want to eat them. And fishing is not an easy thing to do it need the patience to get a fish. just don’t forget to get a good fishing kit.

22 Videotape

Videotaping is a very good thing to do while camping it will keep your memories you can see after years. You can videotape your daily activities, animals around you, and many other natural things around you.

23 Radio

Radio is getting out of use these days but if your campsite has a radio signal you can listen to the radio sitting around a campfire. You have to get a radio with replaceable batteries so that you can change the batteries if it dies.

24 Play guitar

If you have a guitar its nice but if not they are not expensive you can buy them from online stores. What I have seen is that they are not hard to start with even if you are a complete beginner you will play a few notes within a few days or a week

25 sit by the river if there is one

sitting by the river is one of the most peaceful things you can do. the sound of the water hitting the rocks is very calming.

26 Boating

two things are must when thinking of boating the first is obviously a boat and the second is water to ride the boat. so if you have these to things, it is a must that you have to go for it.