Synthetic vs Down Underquilt-Which One Should You Get

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One of the first things that you encounter when you are about to buy an underquilt is whether you want synthetic or down insulation. First letus define what they are, Synthetic underquilts are filled with synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or taffeta while down sleeping bags are filled with goose or duck’s feather. there … Read more

9 Fun things to bring to a camping trip

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A camping trip might be boring if you don’t have anything to engage yourself with, and I have been camping for many years and in this post I will share things I take with me when I go on a camping trip. Things you take will mainly depend on your budget and your hobby like … Read more

Camping preparation before you go

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According to Wikipedia, 40 million people go camping each year in the United States alone and I bet you are one of the 40 million too, yap all this is to take a break from the human-made technologies and the chaos in big cities. You need to reconnect to nature to the vast wilderness once … Read more

Best ice packs for camping in 2020


There are millions of people camping each and every year and you are one of them right, so am I. After you bought a freezer you need a good ice pack that would last long. A quick overview of of the icepacks Cooler Shock 3X Lg. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers … Read more

How To Clean A Stinky Tent | What Really Works

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After some years of use, our tents tend to stink, wear-out and sometimes they might even get useless. But there are things that we can do to increase the lifetime of our tent. If you are reading this article it is not because of anything but your tent is smelling bad lately right. These would … Read more