9 Fun things to bring to a camping trip

A camping trip might be boring if you don’t have anything to engage yourself with, and I have been camping for many years and in this post I will share things I take with me when I go on a camping trip.

Things you take will mainly depend on your budget and your hobby like if you are a sports guy you can play soccer or any outdoor activity ad if you are not a sports guy you can play board games and so on.

1- Inflatable sofa

inflatable sofa

Inflatable sofas are very inexpensive and entertaining, you can relax on them while camping and in your backyard too, yap they are also useable for other outdoor activities you can even get a nap on them if you want.

They are mostly made from plastic and that is why they are super lightweight and also very compact you can easily put them in a backpack.

They have a price range of $20 to $40, anyways they are perfect for your camping trip

2- Water trampoline

water trampoline

If the place you are planning to go on a camping trip has a pond or a lake you can get a water trampoline.

They are a bit expensive but can be super fun to play with so if you have cash lying and you have a good space that can carry a trampoline, then go for it! it is more fun if you are camping with kids, you will enjoy it even if are adult, why not!

3- Truth or dare cards

truth or dare card

Truth or dare game is an amazing way to know your friends and family more and on a camping trip is super fun.

The thing here is you can not play truth or dare alone it at least needs 2 people and to make it more enjoyable you need more than two people to make it more interesting.

What you have to watch out is that most truth or dare game contains adult stuff so if you have kids with you be careful what you take

If you don’t want to buy a card you there are website with 100s of free truth or dare questions just save one and you are good to go:)

4- Hammocks


We all have had experience with a hammock, they are one of the best to have fun outdoors unlike the trampoline they are not expensive at all.

What you have to make sure is not to buy a crappy cheap hammock trust me it will not last long, just get a quality one for some extra bucks.

If you are interested in buying a hammock you check this review from nymag I hope you get a lightweight hammock especially if you are backpacking.

5- Cards


Card games are not a common outdoor activity but there is no law against that, imagine a sitting around a campfire and playing cards with your friends or with your family that would be amazing right.

There are many card games you can play, but you have to know gambling is prohibited in almost all campgrounds, but as long as you keep the rules you will be fine.

6- Telescope

9 Fun things to bring to a camping trip

I have no words for this it is magical to have a telescope out in the wilderness. I have had an interest in astronomy since childhood and looking at the stars in that pitch dark night gives me chills.

What makes it special while camping? there is no light pollution it is hard to see the night sky clearly in big cities, it is almost becoming impossible, you have to use this advantage while you are camping.

People think telescopes and super expensive, but they are not! well, there are some sold for tens if not thousands of dollars but those are for the pros we don’t need that. There are telescopes sold for less than $100.

7- Soccer ball


Basketball, tennis all those outdoor sports are hard to take cause they need many things but for soccer, you only need one thing and that is a ball and obviously someone to play with.

Soccer is not a big sport in the States but it is the most famous game in the world and that doesn’t amaze me cause it is probably my favorite outdoor sport and it is super fun. The rules are simple as ABC and I would definitely recommend it for your camping trip especially if you are camping with a bunch of people.

8- portable kitchen

portable kitchen

Portable kitchens are super helpful when it comes to traveling and outdoors especially if you love to cook but don’t be fooled because it is called portable you can’t obviously carry it with a backpack but if you are car camping this would be perfect for you.

I actually don’t like cooking and I think this is too big to carry so it doesn’t worth the space and effort but this is just my personal opinion, the portable kitchen alone is not that expensive but you obviously need other utensils.

9- monopoly

The old school monopoly is entertaining and engaging you can play them with your family and friends while camping.

It is a board game but there are software you can download some for free some paid, just make sure you don’t download it on your phone have it on a bigger screen because it is hard to see on a tiny screen.

If you want it on a board you can check this monopoly board on amazon.