Best sleeping pad for stomach sleepers

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HEY CAMPERS! I bet you are reading this post because you have found most sleeping pads uncomfy, and it is a must that you have a good night sleep while camping unless you want to wake up lethargic and waste that beautiful time. Most sleeping pads are designed for back sleepers and side sleepers, which … Read more

9 Fun things to bring to a camping trip

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A camping trip might be boring if you don’t have anything to engage yourself with, and I have been camping for many years and in this post I will share things I take with me when I go on a camping trip. Things you take will mainly depend on your budget and your hobby like … Read more

Best ice packs for camping in 2020


There are millions of people camping each and every year and you are one of them right, so am I. After you bought a freezer you need a good ice pack that would last long. A quick overview of of the icepacks Cooler Shock 3X Lg. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers … Read more